Off Airport Landing

I couldn’t think of a better way to start off a blog about being frugal than with something that’s free. Specifically a free ground lesson that included off airport emergency landings!

On Wednesday that is exactly what went down (<–bad pun.)  AOPA hosted one of their Safety Seminars in my area, and it was free.  Now,  I’m pretty sure that this won’t count toward any required ground time for any certifications, ratings, or endorsements, but anything you learn at one of these events, you won’t have to go over with a CFI.   That could lead to some real savings.

The discussion was two hours long, and broken into several parts.    It went over several emergencies and how to better handle these situations if they do occur.   Preventing accidents can certainly save you money, because doctors, like aviation, aren’t cheap.

The seminar also qualified for AOPA Accident Forgiveness,  and FAA WINGS .   AOPA Accident Forgiveness could save you money in the case of an accident by reducing your insurance deductible, and preventing a policy renewal rate increase.   The completion of WINGS phases can take the place of flight reviews..more savings.

AOPA seems to have their Safety Seminars regularly, and they are typically free.  You aren’t even required  to register. You can find the calendar of these type of events here.   I don’t think you need to be an AOPA member to attend, or at least they didn’t ask for a membership card upon entry, but you probably need to be a member to take advantage of the AOPA Accident Forgiveness program (FAA Wings is free.)

If you would like to become a member of AOPA, you can do so here.  Annual membership is only $35 for students, otherwise it is $59. That includes a monthly magazine, a weekly newsletter, online and mobile flight planning (which I have not tested, but will look into) and a bunch of other online perks that I haven’t looked into yet.  You will probably get a free pilot bag as well, which works for the headset and log books perfectly.   If you are 13-18 years old or in the military, membership is free.  So go check it out.

Anyways, a free ground lesson on safety and emergencies, networking with other pilots, and free coffee.  Overall it was worth the two hours for this poor pilot.

Any free stuff you found in your time in aviation ?  Please share in the comments!