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Every dollar spent on ground lessons is a dollar you could’ve used towards time in a plane. There are plenty of free resources out there that can help sharpen your knowledge of the skies. Here we will try to point you to some that we like. It could be a magazine article, youtube video, or events that you can learn something. Whatever it is, hopefully it will help you save a few bucks that you can put towards those hours you need for the ATP.

Please keep in mind, WE ARE NOT CFIs! So be sure to review with a CFI, before going off and practicing anything we share here!!!

Free Ground Lesson: Picking Visual Checkpoints

I am  the worst at picking visual checkpoints.  Every time I did my cross country flights I ended up relying on the GPS  or ForeFlight.

Where is it? I wrote on my flight plan 'where those two roads intersect.'

Where is it? I wrote on my flight plan ‘where those two roads intersect.’

In preparing for a stage check I did some research on what makes for a good visual checkpoint, and thought I’d share some of the pointers I found.

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Free Ground Lesson – Collision Avoidance

I’m going to try and point you guys to a free ground lesson every week, and it seems like the AOPA Air Safety Institute will be the source of most of these. If you don’t have your AOPA membership yet, just get it now. The Flight Training magazine alone is worth it.

Also, I may comment on some of these classes, please keep in mind that I am not a CFI, so don’t listen to me at all, ever.  If I publish something wrong, please contact me or comment on the post and I will fix it right away.

Now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get on to the free lesson.

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A free ground lesson – Off airport landings

Off Airport Landing

I couldn’t think of a better way to start off a blog about being frugal than with something that’s free. Specifically a free ground lesson that included off airport emergency landings!

On Wednesday that is exactly what went down (<–bad pun.)  AOPA hosted one of their Safety Seminars in my area, and it was free.  Now,  I’m pretty sure that this won’t count toward any required ground time for any certifications, ratings, or endorsements, but anything you learn at one of these events, you won’t have to go over with a CFI.   That could lead to some real savings.

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