calendarWhat’s up poor pilots?!   It is taking a while to get as much content up on the site as I would like.  It’s the end of the semester so exams, and prep for my written exam and checkride have forced the blog to the back burner.  We have been doing some work in the background though, and setting up the new event calendar is one of those background things that we can now share.    So here you are!

You can now see upcoming events in the sidebar (click on the drop down menu and select events for mobile devices,) and a full events calendar on the events page.   I added a few events and will continue to add them as I find them.  I will add things like air shows, fly-ins, FAA and AOPA events, and anything I find interesting.

If you have anything you would like for us to add, just shoot us an email with the info at

These events are great opportunities for networking, and by participating we help to build, and strengthen the aviation community.  We will post about upcoming events, be sure to comment on the event if you plan to attend.  By commenting you might find someone to fly with and split the costs of a plane rental, and save some coin, after all that is the point of this site.

Stay tuned,  let us know what you want to hear about, and fly safe!