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Free Ground Lesson: Picking Visual Checkpoints

I am  the worst at picking visual checkpoints.  Every time I did my cross country flights I ended up relying on the GPS  or ForeFlight.

Where is it? I wrote on my flight plan 'where those two roads intersect.'

Where is it? I wrote on my flight plan ‘where those two roads intersect.’

In preparing for a stage check I did some research on what makes for a good visual checkpoint, and thought I’d share some of the pointers I found.

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Watch your hose!

This Hose reel was serious - got my hand good.

This hose reel was serious – got my hand good.

Saturday I booked a plane at school for my first cross country flight,  and while doing the preflight inspection realized there was only half a tank of gas . I was just about to have the line guys top it off when I remembered there was a way to make money on fuel.  I’m not talking T. Boone Pickens moola here, but if you do this on all of your cross country flights you can help to offset some of the costs of rentals.

So what’s the hustle?  Well when you rent your plane “wet” (fuel included) you get reimbursed at the rate of your home airport for any fuel you purchase elsewhere.   Find an airport where the fuel is $3.74 per gallon, and fuel is $4.41 at your school (like in my case), and you make 67 cents for every gallon you get.

So here’s how you do it:


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